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I am Mariia,
a Russin experienced
HTML web page maker
based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Make web pages since 2012

7 years of work as a web page maker and a web developer with an international organisation VeeamSoftware taught me

  • to work comfortable both independently and as a part of team,
  • to communicate closely with designers, managers and SEO team,
  • to work according to Agile methodology (Scrum).

My main responsibilities included:

  • production, modification and maintenance of web resource in 14 languages (
  • launching new WordPress blog (
  • maintain HTML/SASS component library.

I would like to write you a little more about my skills, what I use and prefer. Of course, it is HTML, Jade, CSS, SASS/LESS and JS. And my preferences in website development are BEM methodology, Gulp, Git.

Now I am a freelancer and can help you with your web project.

web pages for desktop, laptop, mobile devices

Adaptive web pages

Responsive sites for different screen resolutions and for modern browsers.

  • Desktop + Table + Mobile
  • Microdate
  • Accessibility for screen readers and tab capabilities

Single page = promo page || landing page

  • with your design from 200
  • without your design from 400

Multi-page = business card || blog

  • with your design from 400
  • without your design from 800

Ecommerce Website

  • with your design from 1000
  • without your design from 2000

Maintain web resource

  • from 15
Transform of the design layout into a web page

Figma/PDF -> HTML, CSS, JS

Accurate transform of the design layout into a web page.

programming component library

CSS&HTML component library

A library of web components to preserve the integrity of the site


How I work with customer

Write an email
  • I am available for freelance and contract project.
  • I work according to the terms of reference drawn up by the customer.
  • Prepayment 50%.
  • Contract of employment
Workflow highlights
  1. analysis of technical specifications
  2. working environment setup
  3. work on items in the task
  4. weekly progress reports
  5. presenting finished work
  6. making edits related to the task
  7. task completed


webmaster give a consultation to student

Since 2015,
I have been helping my students to be professional web page makers.
Mentored over 30 students.

30+ students

student feedback
Thanks to Maria Belogubova, she gave me her professional experience. Largely thanks to her, I learned how to make web pages so quickly. Many thanks to her for answering my tedious and difficult questions.
student feedback
Thank you for the new information, for timely tips and necessary links that I received on this intensive. I will try not to lose this knowledge, but only to increase it.
student feedback
Masha, good job! One feels like you know the topic well and have teaching experience. It was nice to talk with you! The only difficulty, sometimes I had to wait a long time for an answer, but I think it was good for me. :)
student feedback
1) Morning consultations (the only "early bird" among mentors) 2) Constantly helped after voice consultation during working hours with advice and useful links 3) Critically assessed the work, pointed out all even minor mistakes 4) She told a lot of useful information for the future.
student feedback
Maria is not only an intelligent mentor, but also helped create a web page for work.
student feedback
My mentor was almost always in touch and did not leave me in difficult times. It is very important to know that I will always be helped. I liked her responsible attitude to work.
student feedback
I liked everything! I had a wonderful mentor.

I teach my student how to

web pages for desktop, laptop, mobile devices
Creating responsive websites or landingpage
Transform of the design layout into a web page
Making web pages exactly according to the design layout
programming component library
Creating HTML&CSS / Jade&SCSS component library
work with npm and git
Developing projects under the control of git and npm
  • Hourly consultation 30
  • Code review and feedback from 20


How I work with student

Write an email
  • After the first consultation I draw up a curriculum and a time frame for reaching the goal.
  • I officially work as self-employed and can send an online check after a consultation.
  • Post-paid after each consultation.
Workflow highlights
  1. first consultation
  2. preparation of the curriculum and sending it to the student's email
  3. student works on a project and reads theory
  4. follow-up consultations and code review
  5. completed projects


Helpful information includes:

  • Name, role, contact information
  • A project summary or set of problems
  • Project deadline
  • Budget for the work
  • How did you hear about me?

Send me an email for any inquiries.

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